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Bryan Swallows Tiny Twice! POV

13 minutes


THEMES: POV, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Vore, Verbal


Custom! Bryan comes up to you POV and can't believe how small you are. He towers over you cursing and aggravated. "You fucking little bitch! See this stomach? See it? You're gonna get to see this from the other side too. Fuck yeah." Bryan laughs out loud. "I've got plans for dinner tonight." He teases you with his mouth, teeth, tongue and even opens up to show you his throat. After much toying, Bryan swallows you down his gullet. "I can feel you going down my throat", the Giant laughs. You're now in his belly. 


This SAME scene is played again by Bryan, with more POV and mouth views. He gets into much verbal detail on what will happen to you each time. 

Bryan Swallows Tiny Twice! POV

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