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Bryan's Big Unaware Foot Crush

THEMES: Unaware, Barefoot Crushing, Verbal Taunting


Bryan plays video games and talks to his friend, laughing as tinies lay beneath his big sweaty size 11s. "Fuck yeah haha, you're gonna get your ass kicked" Bryan laughs to his friend. For the first part of the video, Bryan doesn't even acknowledge the tinies by his feet and just plays the game. He even brags about all the girls he had in school, and the sports he played. he crosses his feet, wiggles his toes, and talks about how sweaty his feet can get.  


In the next part, he has taken off his gamer headset, and talks to his friend with a hidden earpiece. Now he's got tinies in between his toes, but he still doesn't know how they got there. "Its funny, I feel these tiny things lodged between my toes. It's a weird feeling dude. I don't know what it is. I feel like a Giant almost."


The third part has the jock stomping around cluelessly on them, continuing his conversation. In this segment, you see Bryan from the legs down- so no face. "Literally I'm stomping right now while I talk to you on the phone dude. This is fucking crazy. I like the way it feels."


The final segment has Bryan lying on his stomach with his big feet facing us, with the tinies still wedged between his toes. He continues to be cluelessly verbal about what he's feeling under his feet.  


NOTE: Bryan's very very lax here, so not as aggressive as some other jocks during a stomp session. 


22 minutes

Bryan's Big Unaware Foot Crush

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