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Bry vs the Little People

THEMES: Giant Jock, POV, Shrinking, Unaware & Aware, Barefoot Crushing, Armpits, Muscle Play, Belly Button, Fruit Eating, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups, VERBAL


20 minutes


For those that enjoy a big bully, this is the video for you. 


A large bunch of tinies have infested the home of Jock and Bully God Bry. After he comes back from the gym; he slowly undresses, peeling off his well worn socks- and soon a tiny can be seen peeking through his toes. He has massive feet. But the Giant is tired.


Bry decides to pass out in the bed. With the titan asleep, the full extent of his rampage can be seen. The camera slowly traverses his massive body revealing all the mants trapped. Some are caught between his huge toes, others are squirming in his pits, one even gets stuck in his ear.  Everything is on full display as the camera shows off the giant stud in his full glory. 


As the titan awakens he stretches and begins to torment the littles on him. He walks into the living room and grabs a snack. Placing some tinies in his bowl, he starts to eliminate them one by one. His massive hand reaches out and grabs the first. 


“So what should I do with you?” He asks..


“Hmmm I think I’ll let you go………INTO MY PITS” He says before laughing.


Without any pause he slams the tiny into the dark forest. The hairs are so dense, the mant gets stuck and can’t even escape. He grabs the mant’s friend and quickly shoves the man into the armpit as well. Bry then leans back and continues snacking. The two men begging to be released from the musty cavern. 


Giving them their wish, Bry snatches the first out of his armpit and brings the little dude to his face. 


“I hope you enjoy this” he says before sticking out his tongue and licking the little guy. 


That glistening tongue explores every crevice of the prone tiny. Nothing can stop the giant from having his fun. Bry lets go and the man falls into his mouth. The large teeth slamming down and trapping the tiny within the wet cavern. The snaps and grinds picked up by the mic as Bry demolishes the man with his teeth. 


With the first damaged he snatches out the second tiny. 


“Aww wrong place wrong time. And I decide your fate now” He smiles


He picks up a piece of fruit and shoves the man into the food. With an agonizing slowness, Bry brings the food to his mouth and chomps down. In one bite, the tiny is consumed. Bry savors all the flavors the little man has to offer before…




And he is no more, sent down to that belly for a painful digestion…


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Bry vs the Little People

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