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Bry vs. Gummies

5 mins, 30 sec 


THEMES: POV, Giant, Shrinking, VERBAL, Mouth Play, Vore


For a brisk 5 1/2 minutes, Bry eats gummy bears one by one- savoring their flavors- licking on them while giggling. And truly making you want to see him to do it more.


BRY is a HOT careless jock that gobbles up gummy bears one by one, moaning in pleasure-  "MMMMM Sooo yummy gummy! Going in my TUMMY! LOL!!! SO SWEET TASTING!"

Using his massive pink tongue, he licks them, saliva sometimes streaming slightly - a total macro jock who doesn't care if he's OWNING the gummies."

"OOPS! MMMMMM SLOBBBB- AAAAAHH Like taking a ride on a surf board, on my tongue." He mocks the gummies more- "Walk up my abs buddy, then make love to my tongue." He tongues them. SO MUCH.

"MMMMMMMM I do love enjoying these gummies. My little friends enjoy every moment." He tosses more then his throat. "You guys love being used by me!!!!" HIC!!!! HICC!! He hiccups as the gummies struggle in the jock's stomach. 


Bry vs. Gummies

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