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Bry: Stink & Shrink

THEMES: POV, VERBAL, Jock, Smelly Shoes, Smelly White Socks, Smelly Barefeet, Magic, Sweat, Armpits, Shrinking


20 minutes


For those enjoy a nice musky man that relishes his natural scent. This is for you. 


Bry is on the phone with his friend talking about how bad he smells. The jock is barely clothed and just glistening in sweat. 


“Bro these shoes are just so fucking stinky man” he says as he takes a nice whiff of his sneakers. 


He turns and gets a hot blast wafting out of his pits. 


“Ahh man it is so bad, it just radiates stench” He says as he grimaces from his own smell. 


Bry continues to just rub his body and show off every part of him while commenting about the rancid odors coming from them. He plays with his treasure trail, twirls his pit fur, and gives his large feet a nice massage. Each time pausing the bask in the scents produced and enjoying every moment of it.


“I am like a fucking skunk” he moans as he continues to take deep breaths of his odor. 


He kicks off his smelly shoes, sniffing his rank white socks. "Fuck, these are some SMELLY ASS STINKY ASS socks bro! FUCKING RANK!" He repeats how cheesy and smelly he stinks. Even after the socks come off.


"Yellow ass feet bro, calloused. Just from the gym too. FUCK THESE FEET STINK. STINKY ASS FEET!" Bry rubs his fingers through the vingerary sweaty toes of his. Size 11.5s- Godlike and all in your face.


Bry talks on the phone with his buddy about how bad he stinks. Sniffing his armpits too. "OH Man I stink SO BAD!"


As he continues to enjoy the scents produced, something starts to happen. Slowly, the clothes he is wearing get baggier. His pants falling off and tumbling to the floor. The room getting taller by the second and soon he is left in his briefs. 


“Fuck I think it was my skunk feet” he starts panicking while on the phone. 


He slowly continues to reduce in size with each breath.


“Bro this is crazy as fuck, I can’t stop it” he is saying. 


However soon he learns to embrace it. This is what he loves, so might as well enjoy it. Bry continues to inhale all the fumes wafting from his body and just enjoys the process


“Bro I am actually shrinking oh my god” he continues to say on the phone.


More and more he goes until he is only a fraction of his original size. The once mighty jock is nothing but a small toy. 



Bry: Stink & Shrink

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