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Bry's Mouth, Tongue & Flexing

14 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Mouthplay, Tongue, Gummies, Muscle Flexing, Vore, Armpits, RAW - Director's Cut


Bry poses for the camera in beautiful lighting, showing off his amazing mouth, tongue, throat, and body. 


"I fucking got the perfect body bro- 8 pack. Check it out dude." He effortlessly flexes for us, cockily grinning about how he loves being a Giant. The cameraman interviews him on why he loves being a Jock in charge. 


"Cuz I'm better than you. I can do whatever the fuck I want." A true master in all aspects! He starts eating gummy bears one by one, opening wide to show us his beautiful pink tongue and perfect white chompers.


He even plays with the gummies on his chiseled chest, promising not to "eat the red one just yet." Then he grabs him anyway and pops him in his mouth! He also does some light belly bloating.


This is a great intro clip for Bry, filmed in Cinema Mode on the newest iPhone.

Bry's Mouth, Tongue & Flexing

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