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Bro, My Feet & Pits STINK

9 minutes


THEMES: Jocks, Dress Shoes, Socks, Barefoot, Stink, Belly Button, Armpits, Verbal


SUMMARY: A hot jock, kicked back on his bed, talks on the phone to his friend about how badly his feet, belly button and pits stink. He apparently has a client who pays him just to do this for him. 


Jason then takes his shoes off, wiggles his sweaty socks, continues to talk about how bad they stink before taking them off. "Fuck my feet stink SO bad dude." Jason continues on the phone. "Can you believe someone is PAYING me to tell them how much my feet stink!" 


"You know it's bad when you can smell your OWN stink. Even on planes dude, I take my shoes off and mannn." He leans in, pressing his large, meaty toes together- giggling about it. 


He takes off his sweater, and takes a big whiff of his armpits, making a face. "The thing is, I don't wear deodorant- and my pits sweat all the time." He leans in on the speaker phone. "Do YOU think my armpits smell? They just keep getting worse, and they stink- and STINK! Every time- SNIFFFFF- my eyes are watering. Do you notice it that bad? Is it that noticeable?" He whiffs his hairy pits again. 


Jason then talks about how bad his navel and belly button stink. He continues to talk about his scents and smells - a true alpha male. 


VERY verbal, and a must for any foot lover. Done as a commission. 


Bro, My Feet & Pits STINK

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