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Bro Masters: Kevin & Ryan Bully Roommate

26 minutes


THEMES: 2 Verbal Jocks, One Slave, Cash Masters, Barefoot Worship, Burping, Food Play, Alpha Domination


Kevin and Ryan are pissed off their roommate, Liam, has not been paying the rent. So they put him to work as their personal house servant. He must massage their feet, have cereal dumped on his head, pick the cereal up after the fact, and even get burped on!! 


The two jocks seem amused the entire time, not even taking the ordeal seriously while poor Liam must take the punishment. Almost 30 minutes of nothing but two hot jocks bullying their dumb roommate. Includes plenty of parts where Kevin burps right in the slave’s face, or Ryan blows smoke at him. Both jocks also get their huge feet worshipped.

Bro Masters: Kevin & Ryan Bully Roommate

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