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Brett Foot Tortures Tiny Roommate

Brett is a careless, nonchalant jock that bullies his 1/2 inch tall roommate just for the fun of it. He walks into the living room and notices the speck on the floor, chuckling at how puny he is. He kicks of his shoes to reveal dirty white socks with holes in them. He toys with the loser on the floor, telling him to take in the smell. Then he kicks his socked feet on the coffee table, and playfully throws the inch tall bug into one of his socks. "Uh oh where'd he go? Hahah OOPS there he is! In my fuckin stinky sock!" He goes from tying the little inside his filthy jock sock to tossing him out of it back on the table. And soon Brett is barefoot- his massive size 12 feet, rank and mannish, dropping loosely on his roommate. He places him inbetween his toes before throwing him on the table top and stomping his whole barefoot over him, with POV shots. "How's it feel to have a Giant for a roommate twerp? Haha yeah get back on my callous." HOT clip and HOT new jock! 


17 minutes

Brett Foot Tortures Tiny Roommate

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