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Brax Swallows Tiny Fan

16 minutes


THEMES: Giants, POV, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Verbal, Q & A, Magic, Tongue Play, Burping, Belly Bloating


Brax is the number one selling model in the world! In a Hollywood interview outside on his balcony in Miami, the jock claims he has picked one of millions of applicants to actually test his new invention out on-- a shrink ray that will cause the loser to shrink to only an inch tall, and be swallowed whole into the stud's body. 


"You're actually going to eat your number one fan?" Asks the Hollywood reporter.

"That is correct. His name is Silas. He's from Germany, and his letter moved me more than anyone else's. He's going to be eaten by me and become a part of me."


After the interview, we see the actual swallowing process. Silas (Off screen) is excited to visit Brax in his luxury condo and before he knows it, is shrunk down and eaten by the jock. Close ups of the mouth and tongue show the loser only an inch tall and on the giant's massive pink tongue. Brax proceeds to burp and lick on the tiny before swallowing him into his belly. 


Brax Swallows Tiny Fan

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