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BradZilla! Solo Town Destruction

22 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Outdoors, City Crushing, Barefeet, Armpit Play, Butt Crush (once), Mouth Play, Vore, Muscle Flexing, Gummy Bears


"FE FI FO FUM!!!" Brad chuckles as he comes across a tiny, shrunken city outdoors- on his patio. And a massive backyard. He quickly takes his sweaty shoes off and starts stomping down on buildings, cars and gummies with his big bare feet.


"Yeah you tiny fucks! I'm a powerful ass jock and you're NOTHING!" STOMP!! STOMP!!


Brad takes his time, toying with some of the tinies on his gigantic pecs. Flexing his arms, putting some of the ripped buildings inside his armpits. Dumping a building's worth of hiding losers down his massive jock throat.


SOLO video features Brad all by himself, in jeans and shirtless. Done as a commission. 

BradZilla! Solo Town Destruction

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