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Brad vs. the Aliens

14 minutes


THEMES: POV, Unaware, Trance, Supernatural, Armpit Play, Mouth Explore, Food Stuffing, Sound Effects


A tiny space ship lands in Brad’s home and takes over his body by feeding him a hypnotizing gas that makes him take orders. The tiny crew (POV) are very excited to finally get to explore a Giant Jock up close- and VERY personal!


“Oh My God guys! He’s so big and huge!”


“Let’s see if our formula worked! Brad, you’re under OUR control now.”


“Yes sir” Brad says, dully. He’s completely unaware what has happened to him. He was just on his phone when this tiny space ship (which he thought was a bug) came in and caused him to feel dizzy. Now it’s as if he’s a robot.


“Put your hands up.” Brad complies. “Now back down. Good boy.” The tinies are really excited!


“Open your armpits so we can see how hairy they are.” As the giant does as he’s told, the ship (POV) explores the inside of the hairy armpits- each one. They even order Brad to close the armpit in on them, sealing the, in darkness.


“OPEN your mouth wide so we can see all the way in”.


As Brad opens up his massive maw, the tinies get a chance to really explore a Giant’s mouth. The thick tongue, throat, the big teeth. It’s too good to be true! By being under their power, Brad can’t hurt them. 


“Now let’s see you eat some snacks!” Another tiny orders. Brad complies. He starts munching on snacks and mugging the camera, for the aliens to enjoy. 


“Well that was fun, let’s head home now.” As the space craft leaves, Brad is out of his trance.


“What the fuck just happened?” The jock asks to himself, bewildered. Done as a commission. 

Brad vs. the Aliens

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