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Brad: Stomped Out!

13 minutes, 30 sec


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Giants, Shrinking, POV, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Armpit Worship, Muscle Worship


Brad is the hottest roommate of his fleet. When he returns home, he brags to his bros that he has a shrink ray - but NOT to touch it. He will be using it to earn tons of money.


But the roommates test it out anyway, until Brad comes in and shrinks THEM down- as punishment for disobeying his authority. Now the tinies are stuck at the mercy of a careless, powerful Giant with muscles and feet that are way bigger then they are. 


“Worship those BIG fucking feet. Watch your bros get crushed!” Brad mocks the other tiny, as he stomps out his loser friends. “Stinky ass feet too bro. You wish you could have me stomping you too.”


“Look at my GIANT fucking hands”, Brad brags. His coiled fist wrapped around them. “Should I also crush you with my big muscles too?” 


“Smell my fucking armpit too little loser”, Brad smirks- taking his time to mess with the useless idiot. 


The last tiny gets stomped out - after watching his friends all go through various forms of games with Giant Brad. 

Brad: Stomped Out!

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