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Brad Shrinks Dentist

18 minutes

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Verbal Jock, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue Play, Food Vore, Burping (limited), Chewing, Commission 


Brad goes to see his dentist, and is angry at the geek for telling him he has cavities! A perfect jock like Brad never has anything wrong with him. Instead of paying for the procedure, the stud instead takes out a remote and shrinks his dentist to only one inch tall. 


“You wanna see how DIRTY my teeth are from the INSIDE?” Brad smirks, then pops the loser into his giant jaws. “MMMM So yummy. Yeah clean my teeth loser.” He swivels and swirls the dentist around his massive mouth. His tongue is thick, pink and slimy. His glistening throat can be seen up close and is massive compared to the helpless doctor. 


The mouth play continues in the dentist’s kitchen, where Brad proceeds to eat unhealthy snacks. “You say my mouth STILL isn’t clean? I guess I better eat some more food to get it nice and dirty for you!” He starts munching on chips, mushing it around and holding the dentist up close to get a better look at how much food he can cram down his Goliath gullet. He even let’s a few burps out on the idiot.


Instead of swallowing the dentist, Brad decides to keep him. “You will be my personal teeth cleaner from now own haha! AND for all my frat buddies too!” This is a MUST for any mouth fan as Brad never has opened up THIS WIDE before. And with the zoom lens, you get right up close and personal into the giant’s wet, warm cave.

Brad Shrinks Dentist

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