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Brad Shrinks Camera Man

25 minutes + Bloopers


THEMES: Giants, M/M, Shrinking, POV, Sandals, Barefoot Worship, Muscle Worship, Armpit Worship, Mouth Play, Burping, Popcorn, Hiccups, Vore, Gummy Bear Transformation, VERBAL


SUMMARY: When Jason the cameraman shows up to film Brad, he gets a BIG dose of reality when the jock shrinks him! “We’re gonna play Jason & the Beanstalk today haha! You know you love Giants, you fuckin’ weak bitch.” A new series for anyone into seeing the man behind the scenes get treated like a tiny!


PLOT: For those that like more intimate and close-up camera work. This is for you!


Big mean Brad decides to do an interview with a fledgling videographer. Unfortunately for them, Brad’s shrinking powers transform the man into a little gummy LOSER. What follows is a harrowing experience with nasty, ripe feet, body exploration, and a DIGESTIVE ending. 


The shrunken man is pressed underneath Brad’s grimy flip flops. The dirtied, rubber soles compressing and smashing the tiny man against the bed. No matter how much the shrunken man begs, no mercy can be seen. His mouth is used as a little cleaner to remove the dirt from each and every crevice. 


“Yeah smell my stinky ass feet loser. You’ve always liked this. HOW DOES IT FEEL to be the OWNER of JFP and have your own fantasy come to life? LOL!!!! FUCK BRO You’re so weak!”


Soon after, Brad kicks the flops off and slams his sweat-soaked feet onto the fleeing tiny. Those heavy soles smash down and the shrunken man has to endure that jock funk. A thick, sour smell permeates the air as the titan continues to taunt him. Brad deftly controls the shrunken man and weaves him between each toe. He uses the little guy to scoop out all the toejam and other buildup on those rugged soles. The little guy partially melts from the intense heat and sweat he is absorbing. Yet it isn’t over; Brad continues to smash and stomp the little guy. Squeezing his oozing body between his toes and enjoying the sensation of flattening him under heel. 


With the man mangled and destroyed, Brad eases up a bit. He snatches the tiny off the ground and proceeds to give him a tour of a lifetime. The little guy is rubbed against his massive pecs, bulging biceps, abs, and more. Every inch of the titanic stud is explored before he is shoved into those sweaty-hairy pits. Brad just laughs as he smashes the little guy in his armpit before letting him fall back down to the ground. 


However, as with all tinies. The fun must come to an end. Brad tosses him into a bowl of popcorn and begins to devour the snack. Those massive fingers scooping up huge handfuls and popping them into his mouth. The little guy does his best to avoid being eaten, but as the meal dwindles he is soon caught. Brad takes his time, he tosses the little guy around his mouth and shows off his glistening teeth for all to see. Then, with a tilt of his head…




He is gone. 


Brad rests and shows off his bulging belly. Rubbing it and enjoying the final squirms of his meal. It doesn’t matter if it was a person. To that rank stomach, it is just a piece of meat. 


VERY VERBAL clip too!! Plenty of put downs and cracks from the sarcastic, powerful jock. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Brad Shrinks Camera Man

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