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Brad Shrinks & Butt Crushes Loser

18 minutes


THEMES: Custom, POV, Giants, Shrinking, Butt Crushing (INTENSE), Hand Play, Verbal Humiliation, Bloopers


SUMMARY: A loser spills a drink on Brad at a frat party, and to punish him, Brad simply shrinks him down and sits on him- proving the tiny is too weak to do anything about it. Custom!




Todd is happy to have been invited to a frat house party. After a loser tries desperately to fit in with the cool guys (Mark and Brad) at a party, he's devastated when Mark admits to having sex with his sister. "I'll just drown my sorrows out then!" He falls over onto Brad, spilling his drink on the monstrous jock. Brad is not happy.


"You stupid pansy ass BITCH!" Brad scolds the loser, who in POV is terrified. 


"I am so enraged, I shall leave the room." Mark says sarcastically, getting up and going to the next area- where he slams the door on Todd- who is now left defenseless against a very upset party goer. "Mark let me in!" But he's stuck. 


"You stupid little bitch, you're fuckin trapped now." Brad says from the kitchen. "I got this new app...that's supposed to shrink people." As Todd pleas, Brad points the ray at him. 




Todd is now an inch tall, and stuck in Brad's massive palm. "Look at you Todd, stupid bitch. Look how small you are in my hand!" Brad rubs him on his chin, as if pondering what to do with him. He SLAMS his hand onto the glass table, crushing Todd underneath it. "LOOK HOW BIG my hand is compared to him", the stud says nonchalantly. "I could wrap my whole fuckin hand around you and crush you." Brad's fingers look like one of those claws you see at amusement parks grabbing prizes.  


"Here comes the BIG fuckin Coiled Fist!" The Giant's hand comes slowly down on Todd, grabbing him and dropping him back on the table's surface. 


"You know what Todd, I think I'm gonna SIT on you. Worthless bitch." Brad takes off his shoes, socks, jeans and shirt. He has an amazing body, and wears only black briefs now. Todd is plastered under Brad's ass as he smothers him, sitting on the small glass coffee table. 


"Yeah you like my big fucking ass on you? Stupid little fuck." As Todd is smeared around, Brad simply repositions him and continues to sit on him. Brad starts slowly doing squats on the table. "So fuckin helpless haha! This is what you get for spillin your drink on me." Up and down, Brad's ass goes. He won't stop.


"Are you suffocating Todd? Running out of Air haha? You gonna suffocate underneath my ass you little bitch! You deserve this loser!"


After the table, Brad flicks Todd on the carpet- where he proceeds to do muscle squats on him. "Trying to escape? Nope! I'm gonna sit on your ass every day now." Poor Todd is trapped as Brad's slave for eternity. 

Brad Shrinks & Butt Crushes Loser

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