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Brad: Shrink the Girlfriend

11 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/F, Muscle Worship, Barefoot Worship, Mouth Play, Burping, Power Play


“Wow babe- I was already bigger than you BEFORE. Now you shrunk? My hand is bigger than you!” Brad smirks, picking up his inch tall girlfriend and placing her in his massive hand. “Who’s my bad little girlfriend huh? LOL!”


The jock discovers his minuscule girlfriend in his apartment, helpless and shrunk. The stud proceeds to play games with her, utilizing his power and strength to show her how big he really is. This includes stomping on her, placing her on his massive pecs and arms, and even burping on her. Don’t forget- the Giant gets hungry too!


“Baby I got a surprise for you”, Brad smirks. He then lets out a massive BURP right on her whole tiny, pathetic body. “Yeah, you like that?” 


The Giant then starts making his girlfriend suffer by going up and down his hairy legs. “It’s like a forest to you huh?” The legs are muscular, thick and toned. 


He ends up taking her into the bedroom and landing his sweaty feet on her, placing her between his thick toes. “You belong to me now.” A quick, intense ride with Brad in charge the entire time.


Done as a commission.

Brad: Shrink the Girlfriend

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