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Brad's Valentine's Day Revenge

23 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Magic, Barefoot Crushing, Armpits, Navel Play, Vore, Mouthplay, Burping, Hiccups, Muscle Worship, Verbal, Food (Chocolate) Stuffing 


SUMMARY: An obsessed college student gets more than he bargained for when he approaches the most popular dude on campus, Brad. He offers him a box of chocolates and a Valentine's Day card. The jock is cruel, uninterested and dismissive- until he smirks and invites the dweeb over to his home. Once the guy arrives, he see's Brad spread shirtless with a tie on, wearing Dior glasses and waiting for him. Unfortunately before he knows what hit him, Brad shrinks him and continues to torture him with his own set of Valentine Day rituals, including "I Chews You" and "You Knock My Socks Off." The description will tell you more.


PLOT: Brad is asked by a loser named Jake,  to go on a date. The jock agrees, and tricks the dweeb into coming over to his condo. He sits on the bed with shades on and Valentine cards. 

"Dumbass, I just lied to you pansy boy haha! I have MY OWN cards I'm gonna use." The first card says 'You KNOCK MY SOCKS Off.' The POV nerd doesn't understand, until he's shrunk down and suddenly finds himself an inch tall and at the mercy of a Giant. 

Brad takes his sweaty black socks off and reveals his meaty size 12s. They slam down on poor Jake, as the Titan mocks him. "Yea I'll be your valentine bitch. Smell my feet first haha! These sweaty ass toes." He puts Jake between each toe. Mocking him and stretching his soles out. 

The next card Brad uses says "I love you to PIECES." Brad mocks this- "I'm gonna let you explore ALL the pieces of my body, startin with the armpits bitch!" He grabs Jake and smirks, stuffing him into his sweaty pits. Pushing him up and down. "Sniff that loser! SNIFF IT!" He keeps moving his biceps on the inch tall speck, then on his pecks, back to his armpits, and soon onto his hairy belly button area.  Brad breathes deeply as Jake is made to comply with the Giant's terms. 

After doing more footplay, Brad goes into his living room holding Jake in his hand. The loser had the nerve to give the jock a box of chocolates. "ONE more card Jakey." The jock lifts the card up. It says "I CHEWS YOU."

"Hehe awww, I guess that means I have to EAT you Jake." Brad casually tosses Jake in the box, and begins munching on the chocolates. "MMMM SOO GOOD!" The massive hunk says with his mouth full. He grabs Jake up to his lips. "BURRRPPPPPPPPP!!!" Burping on him, licking him. He finally tosses Jake inside his massive mouth, still eating chocolate around him, burping, hiccuping and threatening to swallow him. 

Intense ride for any fan of Brad, the holiday and all the themes. Part 2 coming soon. 

INCLUDES BONUS FOOTAGE with Mark Summers making a cameo (who helped film the scene). 

Brad's Valentine's Day Revenge

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