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Brad’s Revenge: Hide & Seek

14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Revenge, VERBAL Jock, POV, Barefoot Stomping POV, Muscle Flexing, Betrayal, Commission 


SUMMARY: Brad is a big athletic jock who has a hot girlfriend. Unfortunately he discovers on the phone that her younger brother and his friends have been lying that he’s cheating on her. He takes action and shrinks the losers, threatening to stomp them out if they can’t run and hide from his massive feet!


PLOT: For those that love PoV action this one is for you. 


Brad is dating a new girl and her younger brother is being a little dweeb. Out of nowhere, the brother lies and says that Brad has been cheating. Angered by the lie, Brad sets out to make sure this never happens again. While the brother is hanging with some friends. Brad quickly shrinks them. Giving them one final chance at life. He tells them to run and hide, because if they are caught it is all over. 


The first is quickly found by the towering titan. The little guy is dropped in front of his massive soles and made to worship. Those large feet tower high in the sky and the real manly scent floods the nose. Brad taunts and torments the shrunken man as he humiliates him under those massive stompers. Each wrinkle and each crevice visible in the high definition. Yet soon he tires of him and stomps him out of existence. 


The second is subjected to the wet, warm mouth of the giant stud. Lifting the little guy high into the air, he dangles the man over his gaping maw. His hot breath washes over the man as the tiny begs for forgiveness, yet there is none here. Brad lets go and the little guy bounces on the tongue. He quickly crawls and tries to escape but the tongue continues to toss and torment. As the saliva builds, Brad tilts his head by and….




All that is left is the original instigator. Brad quickly snatches him up and tosses him to the ground. Using his massive soles, he repeatedly smashes the little guy over and over. Each step mangling the pathetic mant and bringing him closer to death. Brad just unleashes all his rage on the younger brother before stomping. Resting his grimy soles, he wiggles his toes and continues taunting him. 


The little guy can barely move and is in so much agony from stomps. Finally ready to finish up his revenge. Brad grabs the man and tosses him into his mouth. With a quick swallow, he sends the broken man to his doom. Patting his belly he gets back up and heads back to his girlfriend. The loser is now gone forever. 



Adapted by MaxTiny.

Brad’s Revenge: Hide & Seek

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