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Brad’s “BURRPP!!” & Flex

21 Minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, POV, Burping, Hiccups, Muscle Flexing, Food Stuffing, Belly Bloat (towards end)


Brad sits down in front of you, in a huge lit up kitchen. He introduces himself, and then starts eating peaches. Bright, orange peaches. He takes one big bite of one, and it’s already almost gone! “MMMM so good man- BBURRRPP!” 


The jock starts to burp. A lot. The more he eats the more he erupts. “Peaches are so fuckin good. So fucking sweet.”


“BBURRRPPPP!!!! Ah man, excuse me- BRRRRRRUPPP!!!!” Brad has so much massive gas, as he burps wetly and acts nonchalant about it. 


The jock starts eating snack food now, and tosses a ton of them down his greedy throat by overturning the bag like a garbage disposal. 


Then the jock takes off his shirt. Revealing his glistening body, perfect pecs and massive stomach. He starts to flex. 


“You guys wish you could eat this much, and look this good.” The jock taunts, burping more as he flexes his massive muscles. His massive burps are so loud, they roar through the kitchen and echo relentlessly. 


HIC!! HICCUPP!!! HICC!!! Brad also gets the hiccups. Sometimes between burping. “Oh fuck, excuse me again bro- HICCCUP!!! BRUUPPPP!!!” He keeps eating, and gets closer to the camera so you feel you’re literally right there next to him. Smelling his mannish breath, and knowing Brad is a real man- and you’re just a weak simp for his masculinity.


“AHHH FUCK. So much fucking fruit, so much fuckin’ rice cakes.” Brad is getting full, but he’s not letting that stop him as he rubs his muscular bloated gut. “BURRRPPP!!!! HICCCUP!!! HULK!!!! BURRRPPP!!!!! HICCC!! BWWARRRPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!”


At the end the ripped jock starts grunting, bloating his thick, powerful belly out. Rubbing his stomach. “Aw man, I ate SO much. You fuckers couldn’t eat half of what I ate LOL!”



If you’re a fan of Brad already and his bad manners, he burps more here than any other video he’s done with JFP.

Brad’s “BURRPP!!” & Flex

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