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Brad’s Bitch Boy

16 minutes


THEMES: VERBAL, Jock, M/M, POV, Muscle Flexing, Bullying, Shoe Sniffing, Sweaty Socks Worship, Barefoot Domination, Butt Crushing (brief), Sweaty Armpits, Pecs, Humiliation, Life Size (Non-Macro)


SUMMARY: Brad gets back from the gym and humiliates his loser roommate for just sitting around all day. He starts by making him smell his stinky pits, gym shoes, socks and feet. He even butt crushes on him. Then the jock degrades him worse- ending by laying in the dweeb’s bed and getting it nice and rank - showing him what a REAL man smells like. 


PLOT: “Dude, what the fuck! You’ve been sitting around all day?? I’ve been at the gym all day, doing a real man’s work. Come’ere! Smell my fucking PITS!” He shoves his pits in the loser’s face. It’s all POV, so YOU get to experience what it’s like to be under this massive jock’s power. 


“Yeah fuckin’ smell that! Smell these fuckin pits! LOSER. You’re such a virgin. Worthless roommate. Short, pathetic. Wish you were like me huh?” Brad flexes his pecs. “Look How fucking BIG I am. You wish you could look like me. Fucking little virgin.”


After flexing, Brad takes his sweaty sleeveless shirt off- and whips it at the loser. “You like that BITCH! HUH!!! Fuckin’ idiot.”


Brad sits on the couch and takes off his ripe, worn gym shoes. He puts one right in front of your face and yells at you to smell it. “Smell it you little bitch! Stinky fuckin gym shoes. Smell those. Look at that. You like that? YEAHHHHH Pathetic ass bitch. That’s a REAL man’s scent. You don’t do anything all day- you don’t know what being a man really means!”


Then Brad kicks his sweaty white socks up on the table. “Smell my dirty ass white socks! You my bitch now! YEAH!” He wiggles his toes. “Stinky fucking feet. You like that! Smell it bitch boy. Beta boy. Eat my feet you weak ass loser. Smell my socks. THOSE DIRTY, FUCKING SMELLY ASS SOCKS! SMELL EM!”


He kicks the socks up and wiggles his toes more. “Stinky ass WHITE GYM Socks. So stinky and fucking smelly.”


Then he takes his socks off, and puts his big, beefy feet up for you to smell. “Smell my nasty ass gym feet. LICK these feet dumbass! You love my big ass stinky feet huh!” He wiggles his toes, and his massive soles are all you see covering the camera aka your head. 


Brad takes another big whiff of his ripe armpits. “Man I STINK so bad right now! FUCK! But it smells so GOOD.” Brad even picks up one of his own shoes and takes a whiff. “FUCK They stink so bad. Stinky ass feet and shoes.”


“I’m gonna MAKE you my fuckin play thing! My toy. MY FUCKING FOOT BITCH.” Brad is all powerful, all dominant, all man. 


Brad strips to only his briefs, showing off his powerful ass- and bouncing up and down in front of you, as he declares his almighty dominance. 


Brad then invades his roommate’s room, and starts putting his stink all over the bed. “Yeah you wanna SMELL like me huh! I’m gonna make your whole room smell like my scent! You like it anyways you little geek haha!” 


One of Brad’s most VERBAL and INTENSE clips. Those into sweaty jocks and smells, this is def for you!


Done as a commission. 

Brad’s Bitch Boy

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