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Brad’s BIG Chicken Dinner

15 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Food Stuffing, Burping (A LOT), Hiccups, Muscle Flexing, B Roll Footage


“What’s up it’s Brad. I’m about to eat all this food. Chicken, soda. A ton of grub bro.” The muscled stud has intense biceps as he starts to dig into his meal. The burps come right away, back to back. Brad is a machine, and shows no signs of getting full as he continues to stuff his face with greasy chicken, bread, fries and pop. 


“Bro, I’m so fuckin’ stuffed- BURRRPPPPPPP. MMMM so good- BRRUUPPPPAAAPP!!” 


“BURRRPP!!!! Oh man, excuse me bro. “BURRRPPPPPPPPP!! Oops, excuse me again dude.” Brad keeps eating, even belching before the fries can enter his maw. And as he takes off his shirt, he reveals his perfect, hard abs.


“You guys wish you could burp like that hehe, cause I’m the best- BURRRPPP!” 


A MUST for any food stuffing fan that likes a hot jock who’s in shape and can eat like a pig. A TON of back to back burping here. Includes B roll footage at the end where the director asks Brad questions about his burping skills. 

Brad’s BIG Chicken Dinner

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