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Brad & Mark Betray, Use & Shrink Roommate

29 minutes


THEMES: Duo Giants, POV, Shrinking, Size Changes (3), Betrayal, Deception, Financial Domination, Barefoot Crushing, Boot Play (Stuffing Doll Size Tiny in Boot), Shoe Sniffing, Mouth Play, Vore, Intense Verbal Domination, VERBAL, Muscle Worship


SUMMARY: When a geek's two jock roommates find out his fetish for Giants, they use it against him by shrinking him down with his own device, act out his fantasies against his will, and drain his bank accounts. 




"We discovered your little Giant fetish haha", Mark says to Jake- who in his POV meeting with his two roommates seems shocked when they pull up papers they printed off the internet with all his dirty secrets. 


"And your financial domination fetish", Brad smirks. "Yeah I'm gonna need about $1,000 haha!" As the jocks mock Jake, it's evident he is excited and nervous at the same time. After pleading with the guys not to share his secret, Mark takes out the device Jake had worked on all his time there. A shrink ray. 




Suddenly Jake is the size of a doll. "Look at stupid ass Jake. We were never your friends, you little bitch. We were just USING your ass cause you had money for rent."


"Why don't we go through his account numbers here", Mark says- going through Jake's phone as their feet smother him. "He won't miss the money, we're gonna Venmo. I don't think you mind if I take $5500! OOPS!! MONEY FOR US! LESS FOR YOU!! HAHAHA!"


"Dumb ass bitch. There goes more money Jake". Brad laughs. 


Mark spins Jake around into Brad's boot and they mock the stink. 


"My work boots too, so sweaty." Brad says. Jake cannot do anything but deal with it. "Smell it bitch."


"Jake remember when I said you were SO fucking smart?" Brad says, holding his size 12 boot over Jake. "I fucking lied okay?" SLAM! SLAM! He pounds his boot on Jake's body over and over. 


"Sniff these stinky ass boots loser", Brad says. Slamming his foot on the glass table, he takes one of the boots off and presses into Jake's face and eventually over his whole body. Jake is about 10 inches tall. Mark joins in, and the two mannish bullies take turns mocking Jake's fetish and how they will continue to use him.


Four pairs of barefeet find themselves on poor Jake, and under the glass you can see the callouses and sweat marks from both Brad and Mark. "You sick fuck, I can't believe he likes it." The smelly feet keep smothering him on the glass. 


"I can even FART on his ass!" Mark laughs, letting one loose on Jake.


Soon they shrink him even further down- to an inch tall. Throwing him on the floor, they take off their shirts and verbally mock him as their thick toes stomp down on him. 


"Aww you enjoying your stupis ass GIANT fantasy Jakey boy?" Brad teases. "Worthless pansy bitch!" 


"Your fetish is so stupid too", Brad says. "We just used you for money bro." He places Jake into Brad's toes. "Look at him in my toes- squishing his ass."


"He likes to be stuck between TWO Giants. OOPS dropped him!"


"Now I think Jake wants to play another game- Jake and the Beanstalk! Or maybe Jurassic Park." Mark then sloppily throws Jake into his mouth, slurping on him with lick after lick with his "big ass pink, wet, warm tongue. He likes it." Mark continues to slobber on Jake's small form, and then passes him over to Brad- who goes up to Jake's computer. 


"I think I want some more money. Get into his bank accounts and drain his ass." Jake is too tiny and helpless to stop the monsters, and soon finds himself in Brad's mouth too. 


"MMM Yeah Jake tastes soo good!" He licks on Jake some more before swallowing him down to his stomach. "HIC! FUCK he's in my stomach now."


No more Jake. 

Brad & Mark Betray, Use & Shrink Roommate

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