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Brad Hiccups & Burps- Verbal Jock

11 mins


THEMES: Straight Jock, Verbal, Muscle, Burping, Hiccups


"BUUUURAPPP!! OOPS!" Brad sits shirtless, drinking carbonated soda and letting out big burps, while laughing out loud and being sarcastic. There isn't a story here at all. Just an alpha jock letting out burps and being a man. He also gets a bad case of hiccups. He keeps drinking his bottled soda like a real stud would do it. Like a dude that doesn't care at all. No manners. No cares- especially about you. Brad burps, and grunts like a true alpha. "HIC! HICCCCUP!! HIC- OOPS!"


"BUURRPP! Oh I feel so carbonated- BUURPPPP!!!" Brad says again, laughing. He talks about bodybuilding, while you see his pecks shake as he belches more. Contains NON STOP Burping and Hiccups, from a hot 20 year-old jock. 


Brad Hiccups & Burps- Verbal Jock

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