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Brad: "Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Pt 3

11 minutes


THEMES: Unaware, Giant, Shrinking, POV, Barefoot Crushing, Suggested Vore, Hand Play, Sound Effects, Slow Motion


SUMMARY: In round three, Brad returns home looking for his shrunken roommate Jackson- and once he realises the bug he's stomping is actually the little loser, he has fun playing "Jackson and the Beanstalk" with him- including pounding his feet, hands and butt on him and threatening to swallow him. 


PLOT: Brad stumbles home exhausted. The large man had to work a double shift and his body is worn out and sore. He strips off his shirt and calls out to his roommate Jackson. He scans the apartment half-naked and can’t find his friend. The massive stomps shake the room as the beefy man continues his search. 


“Is that a bug?” he says as he sees a thing on the floor. 


“You better run cause Imma stomp you” Brad says as he toys with the tiny creature. With a heavy




His foot slams down onto the pathetic insect.


“What the fuck” Brad is surprised when he sees the creature isn’t crushed. He rolls his foot and grinds the thing a bit before bending down. 


“Jackson is that you?” He questions as he picks up the tiny he found. His massive hands easily overwhelmed the shrunken roommate.


“Ooooohhhh you fucked up, I’m gonna really have fun with you now” Brad says as he searches for some things to play with. Picking up a solo cup, he drops the tiny in.


“Haha, look at that you're trapped in a cup. So small and helpless, what are you going to do now?” Brad continues to shake the cup and torment the panicking tiny. 


Lifting the cup up to his mouth he tilts the container.


“Ooooh I’m going to eat you” Brad says as he sticks his tongue out. 


“Come on hold on Jackson, if you let go you're going in my stomach” The tiny’s limbs give way and he falls into the jocks mouth. That massive wet tongue tosses the little man back and forth. Really savioring all the flavors of the fearful man. 


“One gulp and your gone Jackson” Brad taunts as he slurps and sucks on the small man. The wet noises echoing throughout the room. He sticks out his tongue and gives the tiny man one more view of the light then goes to swallow. 


“Naww that is too easy” Brad says as he spits the man onto the table. Wanting to toy around more, he starts SMASHING his hand onto the table. Like a cat playing with prey, the titan keeps threatening to crush the fleeing little. 


“You are so fucking helpless you could get crushed any second” 


His fingers are trapping and frightening the tiny Jackson. With one last SLAM he snatches the man off the table and brings the tiny to his sweaty feet. 


Brad strips down to his briefs revealing his massive bulge. His size is one that makes any man envious. 


“Time for some Jackson and the Giant…Fee Fi Foe Fum” he chuckles as he starts deliberately stomping after the fleeing tiny. 


“Where are you Jackson, I’m going to crush you….” Each stomp reverberated through the floor and walls. He finally sees the little guy and stomps down, trapping him with his big stinky feet. 


“Got you!” Brad says in excitement before heading to the couch. He places the small man by his feet and demands a foot rub. Those massive stompers wiggling and taunting the terrified Jackson, but what else can he do. The tiny does his best to please his new owner, afraid of what may happen if he doesn’t. Brad doesn’t care though, the massive man has embraced his new power and just throws Jackson across the room. 


After a brief nap, Brad wakes up and searches for his small roommate. He doesn’t try really hard, not even watching where he steps. Not caring about what happens, he heads back to the chair to watch some TV. He doesn’t even realize that is where Jackson had climbed to. With a THUD, Brad buttcrushes and traps the screaming Jackson under his sweaty jock ass.


Adapted by MaxTiny.


NOTE: The final 15 seconds of the video pause a bit due to an export issue. It does not affect the storyline or rest of the quality, as it was just a final few shots of Brad sitting. 



Brad: "Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Pt 3

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