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Brad Discovers Your Giant Fetish!

21 mins


THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, Giants, Fetish Shaming, MAJOR Butt Crushing, Jocks, Foot Crush, Smelly Feet, Vore, Muscle Flex, Navel Play, Blue Jeans- Barefoot 


Brad finds out you always liked Giants. Not as regular stories. But as a fetish? Dude, are you serious?? That's so lame. Why don't I just shrink you into a tiny ass green gummy bear? And we can play GIANT Games? LMFAO!!!


He picks you up and places you between his toes. He's wearing blue jeans. "Smell those stinky ass feet!" He commands casually, knowing you're powerless. "Look how tiny you are. Just a small little bitch!" He tosses your tiny body on the floor. "Is this the FETISH you wanted huh?" He grinds his toes on your body. You're miniscule compared to this jock in blue jeans. "Look at you getting crushed like a little ant." Brad smirks and sits on the floor, smashing you between his stinky toes, chuckling the entire time. He's a lax, cocky frat boy who finds your fetish really stupid. 


Brad takes off his shirt, revealing his perfect stomach. He squeezes you between his biceps. "Giant biceps crushing you! Don't fall hahaha!" He then smashes you into his nasty armpit, taunting you to smell it. He then puts you in his other bicep. The entire time he's bragging how powerful he is, and how insignificant you are. He also places you in between his chest, again comparing you.


"Should I put you in my belly button, huh?" The Giant asks playfully. Then he proceeds to do it. "How does it smell, loser?" He then puts you close to his mouth, opening wide and sticking out his huge pink tongue. "I could eat you." The jock playfully puts you close to his open mouth. "But we have more games to play. I think I'll SIT on you next."


In just blue jeans, Brad picks your tiny form up. "I'm gonna stand up and PUT YOU IN my pants!" He then grunts, taking his jeans off with the tiny still trapped in his briefs. "How does that smell huh?" Your tiny green gummy body is ACTUALLY stuck in Brad's briefs, the entire time he has you in his power. Including sitting on you. In just tight briefs, Brad proceeds to butt crush you. Over and over. Amazing shots of his posterior, a ripped gym body. This clueless, cruel jock sitting on you repeatedly. Not caring. "You like to be SAT on ahaha!" This scene goes on for a good 4-5 minutes! The best angles we've had so far with this niche. "Like this Giant Ass sitting on you? Man you're so pathetic!"


Soon the Giant is hungry! Brad picks you up, and tosses you into his mouth. Rolling you around on his tongue. You're helpless. Then he takes your car, also shrunken down, and tosses it in his mouth- talking with it full of your puny ride. Then he pops your green gummy body in his maw as well. Trapped in saliva, you're stuck in your Giant friend's wet cave. He keeps you in his mouth a few minutes before swallowing you down. He touches his ripped chest. "Dude I can feel you going all the way down." He takes his time too, as you're plummeting to his stomach. Brad starts to flex. "You were a weak little bitch anyways." 


A HOT Giant Jock video NOT to be Missed!!! 


NOTE: Some quick seconds here and there are muted so as to not disturb your enjoyment from camera direction. 

Brad Discovers Your Giant Fetish!

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