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Brad Discovers Ur GIANT Fetish! Part 2

14 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue, Nonconsensual, Verbal Humiliation, Cruel Laughing, Burping, Muscle Worship, Commission


In round 2 of this popular series, Brad kicks back on bed in just briefs. His massive barefeet caressing a tiny, helpless gummy bear. The gummy used to be a friend of Brad's. Until he discovers the friend gets into being shrunk and humiliated!


"Yeah you like these stinky ass feet in your face! Do you like GIANTS? LOL!!! Sniff those toes, loser." Brad has fun toying with the tiny, not just under his sweaty feet but also his mouth. He licks him over and over, putting him in and out of his wet maw. 


Brad even gets on the phone and talks to his buddy about how lame and funny it is to have this shrunken pet at his mercy. HOT, VERBAL clip that is a must for any Brad fan! And anyone who likes multiple themes. Brad's feet especially claw away at the tiny, and Brad REALLY gets heated and intimate with his verbal domination while licking on the little helpless runt. 


After placing the loser between his finger-like toes and rubbing them against him, the Giant continues to toy with him in and out of his wet mouth- burping on him, and eventually swallowing him whole!


Done as a commission. 

Brad Discovers Ur GIANT Fetish! Part 2

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