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Bow Down to a Giant

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Doll, Barefoot Crushing, Barefoot Stomping, BPOV Giant, Burping, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation 


15 minutes


"Look at your small ass! Damn you done shrunk down. Now you're gonna smell my nasty ass feet LOL!!" Tyrone evilly takes the shrunken intruder and starts mashing him between his toes and soles. He jumps up and down on him, laughing, and verbally degrading him. His thick toes seem to have a life of their own. They smell so bad, and the tiny dude has no choice. Tyrone is too powerful.


Once on the coffee table, he lands his massive size 12s on the loser. "Yeah take in that stink. IM Ur master now bitch. I'm a Giant to your dumbass. I ain't even gonna turn you back to normal size." Tyrone's stinky feet have no mercy. They continue to rub and abuse the tiny idiot. Tyrone even spits on him a few times to show off his dominance. 

This is PURELY a macro foot video. Although Tyrone drinks soda and burps, there is no vore. All feet! And again- Tyrone is very verbal. 

Bow Down to a Giant

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