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Becoming Part of Me

12 mins


THEMES: Custom, Vore, Mouth Play, Muscle, Abs, VERBAL



For those that like their vore extra cruel this is the video for you!


Jason stumbles upon a shrunken man in his room. Sick of stomping all these tiny folk, he decides to give this particular one an extra cruel fate: Digestion. Jason wastes no time in towering over the cornered man. His body just looming high into the sky, the tiny man no larger than Jason’s toe. The jock god flexes and shows off his well developed body, giving the poor man one final look. 


Jason picks up the scared tiny and holds him in front of his mouth. 


“I could just bite you right now, bite you in half” Jason taunts


“I bet you are going to taste soooooo good, tossed around my big mouth” He continues


Jason slurps and sucks in spit as he shows off his massive maw. Huge strands of saliva branch across his mouth and droplets of spittle run down his lip. Each and every smacking sound caught in detail. The wet squelches and more can be heard as he sucks and taunts the captured man. 


Placing the man on his lips, Jason starts to really go at it. 


“Mmmmm you taste sooo goood” Jason says as he slurps and sucks on the man. 


His large wet tongue slobbers all over the man as Jason savors his prone body. His teeth partially sinking into the skin as he toys with the crying man. With one final suck he consumes the man. The little guy is tossed all within the wet cavern, smashed against teeth, and pressed against the cheeks. 


“Just think, you are going to be eaten and sliding down my throat until you are in my stomach getting digested. Just gone forever” Jason taunts as he continues to slurp and suck on the man in his mouth. 


With one final gulp, the tiny man is sent into the gastric chamber. 


Jason stands up and continues to humiliate the man, flexing and more he describes all the places that the man may become. Part of his ass, biceps, and more. He pats his stomach and lets his superior body dissolve the screaming man away. 


“No regrets” Jason says with his killer smile 


NOTES: Cruel and strong language involved.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Becoming Part of Me

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