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Becoming Part of Bry

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups, VERBAL, Commission 


Bry shrinks his number one fan down, as punishment for not commenting enough on his social media page.


"Why do you never show my social media any love bro?" Bry questions his biggest fan, named Silas. "I don't like that Silas. Especially since you know how Hot I am. How amazing my abs look. You never comment. Are you scared? Nervous? I think that's it. Look at my body dude. You've never seen anyone with one this dope."


Bry then playfully shrinks the loser down and decides to show Silas a way for him to become of his perfect Giant body. "I'm hungry for a bitch boy like you", the jock laughs- picking up the inch tall little loser. 


"Don't try to run now, you weren't giving me enough likes on my insta bro!" He tosses him inside his big wet mouth, rolling him around. "Maybe I WILL let you away - run away into my fucking mouth haha!" Back into Bry's big wet throat the tiny goes. Floating on his tongue. Going in and out. The Giant moans in pleasure, enjoying his meal. "You almost taste like a donut. Love chewing you too."


More mouth action- "Drown in my spit hahaha!" So many close ups of Bry's massive maw, white teeth, and huge thick tongue. "I just wanna Swallow you Silas..."


Soon Bry does just that- swallowing Silas down to his stomach, rubbing his hard abs and feeling the loser struggle inside. Silas is now a part of Bry.


LOTS of vore and mouth play from one of Bry's last clips.

Becoming Part of Bry

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