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Becoming Kaden's Foot Slave
CUSTOM VIDEO! After losing a wrestling match, a shorter and punier man must submit to Kaden's demands. This include washing his feet after the jock stomps on grapes. "Sorry dude, that's what happens when you're smaller then me. Wrestling is for guys like me, not puny bitches like yourself." The interactive clip has a POV of the servant as he's forced to watch the God step into the fruit in a huge hot tub, in a fancy hotel the slave was forced to pay for. The jock strips down from blue jeans and cowboy boots to just his tight boxer briefs, as he makes his way into the jacuzzi. "Wipe the juice from my feet", Kaden commands. The servant obeys. "Yes sir, anything for you sir." As his hands not only take the wet soles, but also gets on his knees and uses a towel.

Later in the living room, the servant proceeds to give Kaden a foot massage. "Say it. Say you're my bitch." The jock taunts. "I'm Kaden's bitch", says the servant reluctantly- as his hands continue to massage the sweaty, smelly soles before him. Kaden also starts listing off demands his slave will have to do for him on a daily basis, including cleaning the hotel room and making him breakfast. The torture ends under the dining room table. "So you want me on the floor?" "Yeah dude, all the way on the floor. Right under these big feet. Make sure there are no more grapes on it." After more foot play, Kaden says "Cook my dinner." The most verbal clip of Kaden's set is also the most proactive. A new wave in JFH filmmaking. Future videos like this to come.


14 minutes

Becoming Kaden's Foot Slave

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