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Beach Giant

14 minutes.


THEMES: Giants, Littles, Verbal Beach, Water, Diver, Foot Play, Foot Stomping


In the distance by the shores of California, something emerges from the water. Is it - it can't be. It is! It's a GIANT! 


Wearing a diving uniform, Jason Pierce comes dripping out the water and stumbles upon a tiny village in the sand. Chuckling, he starts to make sand castles for the littles to live in. Or is he up to something else?



"HAHAHAHAHA pathetic beings! I am a GOD to you useless fucks." He then pretends to care again, gathering up sand- and rebuilding their home.


STOMP!!!!!!!!! STOMPPP!!!!


"Oh man, I keep STOMPING on ur pathetic houses. I'm so clumsy. It won't happen again."




"LOL!!!! It's called consequences. You losers think you can be free and not praise your Giant? NO. I'm just gonna build their homes up, get them into a safety zone, and then just- " POUND!!! He uses his fists to destroy the villages again.


"Poor little tinies. Helpless. All filthy. You can't do a damn thing, can you? Cry for help? You gonna tell people a GIANT terrorized you? Who will believe you lol!"


JFP's first beach scene ever! Enjoy. Part II coming soon for vore fans!

Beach Giant

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