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Banana Boyfriend

9 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Transformation, Boyfriend Revenge, Banana, Magic, M/M, Mouth Play, Vore, Spitting, VERBAL


SUMMARY: Austyn gets revenge on his loser boyfriend by transforming him into a banana! And eating him. 


PLOT: “Yeah Jake, well I’ve had enough of you okay dude! Now I got you turned into a fruit. PERFECT!” He picks up his ex boyfriend, who is now a helpless banana. 


“What you think LOSER? You like this huh?” He starts sucking on the banana, moaning in pleasure from how delicious he tastes. “You’re so fucking pathetic bro.” He keeps lobbing on it, licking on it with his huge, thick tongue. Who knew revenge could taste this good? 


“This is what you get for not loving me. You stupid bitch.” LICK - LICK - LICK! “HAHA! I’m gonna nibble on you too.”


Austyn even takes the time to spit on the fruit, really showing his disregard and humiliation for his boyfriend. “You stupid whore.”


Soon Austyn bites the banana up and swallows a bit of it. Now Jake is stuck in his ex boyfriend’s tummy- forever. 

Banana Boyfriend

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