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THEMES: Giants, Shrunken City, POV, Zoom Lens, VERBAL, Sandal Crushing, Sandals, Barefoot Crushing, Butt Crushing, Vore, Armpit Play, Hand Play, Navel Play, Muscle Play, City Destruction


24 minutes 




For those wishing to live out their Kaiju fantasy - This is a Video for you.


The jock titan stumbles across a mant enclave- right in his own bedroom. Seeing all the runts go about their day has Austyn feeling like a God. Beating his chest, he announces his arrival and then the massacre begins. "FE FI FOOOOO FUMMMM!!!!" HE STOMPS his sandaled feet.


He immediately rips off a roof and fills the top with the tasty morsels. Slowly tilting the roof back he pours the mass of men into his awaiting maw. 




The merciless jock god chews those within. Their bones snapping and turning to mush as he savors those juicy flavors. 


"FE FI FOOO FUMMM!!! LOL!!!" Austyn loves being a Giant.


“Oh you guys taste so good” he moans out before swallowing


He casually kicks and flips any car he finds with his feet. The metal boxes tumble as the rubber sole smashes into them. Seeing a few still intact, Austyn grabs them and drops his ass on them. Over and over he slams his butt down until the cars are destroyed. It is then, he really gets into it. 


“Let's start with you” He says as he slams his foot down. The structure exploding underneath his heavy stomper. 


“Haha you are all so weak” He grunts as he proceeds to kick buildings across the land.


Nothing can withstand his rampage as the jock god lifts folks from the ground and tosses them into the air. Laughing as they fall and splatter along the ground. Cars are launched and collide with nearby structures devastating both. The massive titan is having the time of his life as he exterminates this mant population. 


Grabbing some survivors he proceeds to sprinkle them throughout his body. 


“Yeah you like my stinky pits.” he says as he traps them in his sweat-soaked pit hairs. 


Others he lets tumble down his body before crashing into the ground below. He doesn’t give any time for recovery as his foot quickly follows, ending any chance of survival. The rest he starts to devour one by one. The beast is merciless in his hunger. Biting off the heads of some and swallowing others whole.


“You all taste so fucking good” he says between the snackrifices. All that they built, all their hopes and dreams just gone. Their ambitions melted away in his stomach. 


He gathers more between his massive stompers. Slamming his feet together, he grinds their fragile bodies between the soles. They beg for him to stop, but he just presses hard. It is a horrid fate as they are crushed between his stinky, sweaty feet. Feeling some gas building up, he snatches one car and…




He “fumigates” the inhabitants before laughing and letting it smash down below. 


Looking at the smalls stuck to his feet he speaks. 


“Yall are kind of gross now, I don’t even want to eat you- losers” yet their days are still numbered. 


Picking up the remaining people, he nestles them into an mant pile. Without giving time to escape, he slams his ass down over and over. 


“Come on bitches, you know you like this ass” he taunts as he twists his hips and grinds out the life beneath him. 


Over and over he buttcrushes them, at one point he just rests. They start to gasp for air as the meaty rear seals them tight. As he stands back up, some are stuck to his ass and he needs to swat them down. 


Satisfied with the buttcrushing, he swipes them to the floor one last time. He slowly raises his foot overhead and slams it down. He is their executioner and nothing is leaving this city alive. Grinding his foot back and forth he turns them into red smears. With an extermination finished, he heads out looking for that next city to demolish.


Adapted by MaxTiny.


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