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Austyn, Yogurt & Tinies

13 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giant, Revenge, Tiny Gummies, Yogurt, Spoon Mouth Play, Belly Button Play, Armpit Play, Tongue Play, Deep breathing, Burping, Vore, VERBAL (minimul)


Austyn gets revenge on his rude coworkers, by turning them into stupid little gummy bears and putting them on his yogurt.


"So you wanna talk mess? Now I got you shrunken down." He picks up a red gummy coworker first, and licks all over his helpless body. Oozing him in jock saliva. "Yeah you don't like it do you haha?" Squelching noises come from Austyn's cheeks. 




"MMM That was good. You guys will learn one day to treat me with respect." Austyn says dryly. He puts another coworker on the spoon, and dips it in globs of white messy yogurt. Getting it all over his chin and lips. "MMMM So good", the stud says- slobbering more of his mouth on the tiny.


"BURRRPPP!" Smell that, Austyn burps on the gummy and keeps chewing him. 


As he eats them one by one, he licks the spoon more and more- and keeps getting yogurt all over his face! He also has heavy, sexy breaths he exhales and inhales- as if you can feel his power coming out of his massive mouth and tongue.


He also takes one of the tinies and rubs him on his belly button, and then in his armpit. "You like don't you?" The Giant mocks, putting him by his hard pecs. 


The entire scene is filmed up close to his mouth. The dialogue is limited- so you can enjoy the mouth and the sucking noises the jock makes as he feasts on his loser coworkers.

Austyn, Yogurt & Tinies

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