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Austyn Swallows Helpless Gummies

22 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Vore, Tongue, Muscle, Throat, Camera Man Interaction, Hiccups, Gummy Bears


"What made you want to be a Giant?" The cameraman asks.


"I am just ready to show my dominant side. Maybe someone will appreciate it!" The jock smirks. "Some people deserve to be subs."


Austyn sits shirtless, his pecs glistening in the sunset- and he grabs gummies to eat in front of you. His perfect pink tongue, clean and fresh, licks them up. He talks about why he loves being a Giant Jock, and demonstrates how the gummies can easily slide down his throat.


A great intro for vore fans interested to see how Austyn's maw holds up- and can gobble you down!


Austyn Swallows Helpless Gummies

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