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Austyn Swallows Dentist

12 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Giant, Shrinking, Mouth Play, Tongue, Vore, Male Breathing, Medical




Austyn is getting a check up at the dentist, but is told it will cost him $15,000 for a procedure - or else he can't play in the big game. 


"Say AHHH" Dr Wilson says, examining Austyn's mouth in his medical room.


"AHHHHH" the dumb jock says, opening wide to reveal a healthy, glistenting cavern and huge tongue. As the dentist continues to ask Austyn questions about his gum chewing habits, the stud starts getting annoyed.


"Why do I even have to be here? I'm perfect."


After the office examination, The dentist has some bad news.


"Sorry but the x-rays clearly indicate you need surgery", Dr. Wilson- explains to the jock.


"Oh really? Well what if I just SHRINK you then haha!" Austyn pulls out a remote and aims it at his dentist, making him only an inch tall. 


"Now you get to tell me if you can see my cavities up close!" Austyn shoves the tiny inside his mouth, rolling him around his tongue. After getting bored with that, he tosses him in his snacks.


"Today I'm making a special treat for you doctor, since you wanna lie and tell me I have cavities. Maybe you need to feel what it feels like, with my mouth filled with FOOD." He then swallows him whole!


"Gotta give me bonus points. What other dentist gets to be IN THE FOOD with their patients?" He laughs, his chest now bloating a bit as the loser is being digested. "Did I just bite him in half?"

Austyn Swallows Dentist

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