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Austyn: Stink & Shrink

15 minutes


THEMES: M/M, POV, Shoes, Socks, Barefoot Play, Armpit Stink, Verbal (lots of talk about sweat and smelling), Shrinking, Commission


“Bro I stink SO fucking bad!” Austyn sits in bed on the phone with his friend, talking about how smelly and sweaty he is. He starts with his white socks, wiggling his toes through the fabric- as he continues to mention how bad he reeks. 


“My armpits even reek bro. I just STINK SO FUCKING Much! My feet smell so fucking nasty!” He takes his socks off and comments about their smell, repeating it over and over again. 


After his bizarre phone call, he starts feeling dizzy. He calls his friend back up. “Dude help me! I think Im starting to shrink! I think my STINK is starting to cause me to SHRINK! You gotta help me bro!” Soon Austyn gets smaller and smaller, still commenting on his stink. 


Bizarre but unique custom fantasy. Anyone into seeing Austyn’s huge soles and hear him talk about his mannish odor should not skip out on this clip. 

Austyn: Stink & Shrink

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