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Austyn's New Pet

15 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Giants, Shrinking, Body Explore, Barefeet, Leg Play, Armpits, Muscle Flex, Belly Button, Mouth Play, Foot Stomping


Austyn is a super hot jock, who is awoken by a tiny man named Timmy (POV). Timmy is only one inch tall. Austyn is playful and curious, giggling at the predicament and letting Timmy run across his big, thick toes. 


"I promise I'll be  good to you my pet, I can take you around town and everything! I can put you in my belly button, underwear, and armpit. Shut it and you're sealed. BUT if you ever disobey me- I would have to take action on you haha!"


Austyn then leans in evilly- opening his mouth wide.


"I honestly think that because you're so small, that the HEAT from my mouth would burn you lol!" He opens wide towards poor little Timmy. "As long as you do what I say, nothing bad happens. If not- "- CHOMP!! CHOMP!!!


"My terms? Hmmm. You can explore my body, but you can only stay in the armpit for 1 minute max. Belly button- thirty seconds. If I put you in my shoes, if you move around, I'll STOMP ON YOU!"


Timmy continues to explore his new Giant master. Austyn becomes less and less friendly. 


"I'm the master. The Giant. If you don't obey, I'll crush or eat you. Any other questions?" Timmy whispers something. Austyn laughs.


"You have no say in this. Look how fucking tiny you are. You're helpless." The Giant then lays back on the bed and the camera pans POV as Timmy runs up the muscular legs of Austyn, towards his hairy armpits. 


Sadly, Austyn grows bored of his new pet and stomps him out- for good. Oh well. 


Verbal, chilling and filmed on a super zoom lens. You feel immersed like you're with Austyn the entire time. 


(minor cameraman direction)

Austyn's New Pet

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