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Austyn's BURP & Flex!

10 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: POV, Muscle Jock, Burping, Hiccups, Stomach Bloating, VERBAL humiliation


"AW Man, I can feel a BIG one coming up!- BURRRPPPPP!" Austyn let's loose belch after manly belch, flexing his ripped body, and mocking you- the audience- for liking it so much. 


"You nasty fucks. You like it when I BURRPPPPP Don't you?" The jock finds this funny. He drinks more soda, and the burps and even some hiccups find their way up the powerful jock's chest and BLAST into your face.




Wow Austyn is burping a lot in this video. He can't seem to stop. 



"YEAH Smell the burps. You losers."


He gets an assault of hiccups, and even kicks his feet up and flexes on his bed- while his body continues to jolt from all the unstoppable belching. You're a complete loser for liking this and Austyn knows it. He triggers you with more burps!

Austyn's BURP & Flex!

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