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Ari Unaware Foot Tease

Ari is relaxing on the couch watching football, unaware that his shrunken roommate is laying directly by his huge size 13.5s. Wearing sweaty sandals, the jock wiggles his toes and nonchalantly comments about where the little loser is. "Fuck my feet stink today!" He says to himself. As he has continues to watch the game, he casually kicks off his sandals and continues to talk about how sweaty and rank his feet are. How he loves to torture tiny losers under them. His foot is so big it literally covers up the entire sandal as Ari again wiggles his massive toes. Soon his feet are kicked up on the coffee table, still unaware as he watches TV. EXTRA BONUS! Watch Ari stomp over his helpless little boyfriend under a glass table- and see these HUGE feet like they're crushing you too. 


11 minutes

Ari Unaware Foot Tease

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