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Ari the Giant Dad, Part 2: The Cage

23 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, M/M, Stomping, Dress Shoes, Dress Socks, Barefeet, Hairy Chest, Verbal Domination 


In his epic return, Ari the Giant Dad returns home from work in a suave blue dress shirt, black slacks and holey dress shoes. He wears his shades cockily. He's smirking to himself, relaxing on his leather easy chair. "Did you have a nice day at work with me too, huh?" He chuckles. "Your permanent home. Teach you a lesson for being ungrateful." His shoes are massive. "Been walking around in these so much, there's a hole in them. Smelly and sweaty. I think I'll keep them around so I can give you a home to stay in- and it will just get even more beat out and smelly haha." The father has not lost his cruel sense of humor. "I guess this is what happens when you get stuck inside a size 14 shoe. You must be wondering when I'm gonna let you out. And my socks must stink haha. Three or four days wearing them."


In the next scene, it appears that Ari has had his son trapped in his shoes the entire time. He begins by telling the loser he has a surprise for him. He goes to the kitchen, and then comes back with a cage. A tiny cage. "Your new home buddy. This is where you're going to spend all of your time from now on. I have some friends to play with you though so you don't get lonely haha." The friends turn out to be Ari's two big smelly 14s. Black dress socks. "Meet your new playmates. He plants his two big soles on the cage, as the helpless son is tumbled around as the feet lift the cage up and down. "Look at how my feet tower over your new home haha." They're black smelly socks, and there's nothing the son can do. "Don't annoy me, or I'll SHAKE you around a little bit," giggles the Dad. "Get used to home. There's no escape for you, pathetic bug. Why would you even try to escape from me? I did everything for you! I put up with you. Provided for you. Fucking pathetic." 


Soon Ari takes off his sweaty socks to reveal his massive barefeet. They again trample the cage with the tiny son trapped inside. "I think you need some bedding", Ari laughs- putting one of his socks INSIDE the cage as a mattress. "You'll have some sweet dreams in there. Surrounded by the stench of your Giant Dad's feet haha!" Ari even says his son should be grateful to him, for giving him such great bedding- as his barefeet land on the cage repeatedly. "How could you even think about running away from home? When you know that I OWN you. That YOU belong to ME." Ari kicks his bare feet up crossed. "Get used to the smell little man." 


Ari finally lets his loser son out of the cage. "I feel we haven't had a heart to heart lately haha", the father says- "SO let's get you closer." He unbuttons his shirt and puts the tiny into his chest hair. "Oops, there you go- don't get lost in there. It's basically like a forest." Ari keeps laughing, as the son is trapped. Then he's tossed back in the cage, and the cage now is placed on the floor. Now Ari's two size 14s wrap around the cage. The Giant even threatens to smash the cage to pieces, but has other plans. He dumps him out of the cage, onto the floor. "Every time I see you, you just look more helpless and pathetic." He starts to completely smother and encase his son with his soles, even using one of his toes. The barefeet are like buildings to the son. Ari towers over him, and begins stomping around him. "You're lucky I watch my step because if I didn't, I would STOMP!!!! crush you flat!" As the feet keep stomping around, Ari mocks "I can see myself coming home from work- Big ass Giant Dad- just Fe Fi Fo Fum!" Taunting his son would be squeaking like a bug. Ari puts the tiny by his foot crevices, where they are easily the stinkiest. "This is just for my amusement haha. When I get bored, I'll stomp you. You're just a toy for my entertainment." 


Ari then picks up his son. "I have another place for you." He drops him in a black box. "Sweet dreams little man hahaha". 


To be continued...  

Ari the Giant Dad, Part 2: The Cage

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