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Ari the Giant Dad 3: Swallowed Whole

12 minutes 30 seconds


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Footplay, Mouthplay, Vore, Hiccups, Verbal


In the grand finale, Ari the Giant Father has placed his loser son into his dress shoe for "safe keeping". He dumps him on the table, mocking him for liking his new home and how much of a disappointment he is, as usual. "But all this disciplining has really worked up an appetite", he smirks- throwing peanuts into a bowl. "You should be thankful, you could easily be in this bowl haha." He chuckles. He picks up a peanut and pretends it's his son. "So easy to just drop you in like this and uh-oh- right into my belly ahaha!" The father is cruelly playful, as it's evident what his true intentions are. "No one would know, no one would miss you, no one would even care."


He picks up his son and gets right to the point. "Do you wanna go inside my mouth little man? So easy to just swallow you and have you go right down my throat." He giggles that his son is shaking and trembling, horrified to be a meal for his own Dad. But this Giant likes toying with his food first. He does some major hand play where you see how enormous Ari's fingers and palm are to the tiny. "You will learn your discipline, even if I have to snuff all this free will out of you." He coils his fist around his son. Then he abruptly tosses the loser into the bowl of peanuts. "Oops! Looks like you just fell right in. Kind of hard to tell for a Giant to tell you from the peanuts." He eats some peanuts around the son. "I don't even pay attention to what I'm grabbing, so who knows what my next bite is gonna be." He casually then tosses the son into his huge mouth, his pink tongue lapping him into his maw through the mustache. He moans, and sucks on his son, taking the salt from the peanuts off of him for the flavor. "Maybe you should have been a better son. Maybe then, you wouldn't be in this situation. Too late now." 


There's a struggle. The son is trying to fight inside Ari's mouth. The Giant catches on and playfully pokes the tiny's head out of his lips, only to suck him back in. You can see the jock's tongue moving around from the outside, closed, knowing the shrunken son is fighting inside. Back and forth. "You're moving around so much, it's tickling haha." Ari mocks. The struggle continues for about a minute until Ari accidentally swallows him. Ari casually taunts his son travelling down his throat, into his belly- even pointing out where he's going to wind up. He eats more peanuts on top of him. 


Intense finale with Ari getting a bad case of hiccups at the end. Mouth closeups, lot's of verbal and tongue shots. 

Ari the Giant Dad 3: Swallowed Whole

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