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Ari the Giant Dad

Custom Video! "What a day", Ari says chuckling coming in with business attire. He kicks his dress shoes off and a tiny figure falls to the floor. "How did you like "Take Your Son To Work Day" hahah!" The film is a 27 minute story told in sections. The first is Dad's Feet. 


"I'm sure you enjoyed being inside my shoes all day, and maybe now you'll learn to respect your father if you don't want me to do this again. I don't think you've learned your lesson yet hah." As Ari says that, he massive size 14s play with his pitiful son on the hard wooden floors. 

"Yeah smell your Dad's stinky ass feet!" The Giant has no mercy. "Useless, no good son of mine." The father continues by sitting on his lazy arm chair and power reclines while his smelly dress socks loom over the son. "Rub my feet." He says casually.


The second part is Unaware Dad. Ari looks through his work emails as his socked feet repeatedly walk over his son, him being unaware of this. It's done in normal and slow-motion HD effects, where you hear the pounding and thudding of this merciless Giant stomping back and forth. Finally Ari the Dad realizes he was stepping on his son all along. "You fucking useless little bug! I'm gonna show you what happens when you try to run away from me. He stuffs him into his pants. Chuckling as the tiny falls into Ari's underwear. After some teasing he hand plays him - showing how massive his hands are- moving him back and forth.


Dad's Game: Dad & the Beanstalk. Using the house plant for the stalk, Ari playfully tells his son he wants to enact the classic fairy tale. "The difference is Jack, there's no escape for you haha!" He stomps on his son randomly, laughing harder and harder. "Oops! Looks like I almost hit you, sorry buddy." He soon takes his black socks off, and his massive smelly barefeet are now upon the tiny son. He proceeds to also throw the son under the glass table, smothering him under his Godly soles. He then sits on in son, completely encasing him. "So small, I can barely feel you haha." 


The punishment continues. Ari the Giant Dad forgot something at the office! "Because I'm a generous Dad, I'm gonna take you back to work. He changes socks, wearing white ones- and taping his son to the socks. "Make sure you're nice and secure. Don't want you falling off haha. Here we go- ready little man?" Ari then laughs harder as he leaves the house with the son trapped inside his shoes. 


The finale has the Giant Dad back from the office, and he's getting hungry now. "I think I'm ready to enjoy a nice snack now." Ari relaxes and then drops his son into freshly made popcorn. After tossing some popcorn in, he tastes his son by licking him up and down and finally putting him all the way inside his cavernous mouth. "So hard for me not to just gulp you down right now, just swallow you." He finally swallows his son down to this stomach. Ari's hairy chest is now exposed. He rubs his belly. "You're not even big enough for a snack." Arguably Ari's best work to date (and most verbal), and certainly the video that contains the most themes at once. Everything you've dreamed about this Giant hunk is showcased here. 


27 Minutes

Ari the Giant Dad

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