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Ari the Giant Boss

A disgruntled employee hands in his letter of resignation to his boss, the powerful Ari. Unfortunately there's no cutting time in this office. Ari smirks and tells the loser what "little" things are in store for him. 


Ari kicks his sandaled feet up on his big boss chair. The poor employee is shrink down to half an inch tall. He gets "up close and personal" with Ari's smelly saddled feet. The cocky boss can do nothing but laugh at the whole situation. Ari picks up the employee and places him back into the gigantic sandal. "Getting lost in the sandal little man?" Ari's big toe comes and joins him, smothering him completely. Ari then walks back and forth in the sandals, with the tiny trapped inbetween his massive size 14s.    


Keeping  the tiny trapped inside his sweaty sandal, Ari leaves back for work, only to return an hour later. He kicks his sandals off and sits on his foyer floor, rubbing the loser between his huge smelly feet. Then he rips up the employee's resignation letter. "I guess we can consider that cancelled." Lots of sandal play with barefeet towards the end. 


16 Minutes

Ari the Giant Boss

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