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Ari the BFG: Boyfriend Shrinking POV

Ari had a boyfriend who happened to have a macro fetish. Luckily, this sexy size 14 stud loves his man so much, he's willing to play the fantasy out. "Hey come in! It's good to see you babe", Ari says happily- with his giant sneakers kicked up. "I always forget how short you are hehe. I know how much you like them. They're so smelly, and just for you." Ari knows his boyfriend is getting excited for his big feet, and soon Ari takes off the sneakers to reveal two big smelly dirty white socks. As he does this, his boyfriend suddenly shrinks down. 


"Its like having a miniature boyfriend", Ari chuckles. "I've always loved shorter guys anyway." Now that the boyfriend is completely tiny, Ari towers over him and his big white socks start stomping playfully down on him. "My stinky size 14s. As small as you are, I can still tell you're getting excited babe." STOMP! The foot comes down again. Ari then takes his smelly socks off and continues to move his feet around. "Even on the first date we went on, I could tell you couldn't keep your eyes off my feet. I love having a guy to worship my feet. Now get into every crevice of them. I want you inbetween my toes haha."


Scene change (non POV)- Ari the boyfriend wants to kiss his small boyfriend. But being so small, the little easily fits all the way inside the Giant's big wet mouth. Ari's tongue completely takes over him. "I can feel you getting more excited in my mouth babe", chuckles the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Then only the little legs can be seen sticking out of the big lips, and then easily sucked all the way back in Ari's throat. But he doesn't swallow him. He instead sits on his chair and foot plays with him more. Ari's gigantic toes are so big, like fingers, and the Giant boyfriend loves it so much, he decides to keep his boyfriend small forever. Want more scenes like this? 


17 Minutes

Ari the BFG: Boyfriend Shrinking POV

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