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Ari Swallows Tiny Patient

16 minutes (+bonus interview)


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, M/M, Mouthplay, Tongue, Vore, Verbal Taunting


Arguably one of the hottest mouth videos JFP has ever produced, and who better to do it then Ari- who has a maw you can get lost in. "Silas thank you for meeting me today", says Ari- playing a crude psychologist with an ego the size of his mouth. "I was just going over your file. Let's see how much progress we have made on your case." Ari sounds disappointed. "You know you are one of my longest serving clients and patients. I would have hoped you would have made some progress by now, and you haven't made any. Unlike my other more successful ones. This is NOT good! I have an actual reputation here. It doesn't reflect well on me to have such a hopeless case." In POV action, Ari becomes more crude. "I think I might have to resort to some pretty dramatic actions here. It's clear you're not taking this seriously. And if you're not taking this seriously, I'm not going to take it seriously either." The entire time Ari speaks to the loser, there's a glint of humor in his eyes. As if he's toying with the client. "You might have noticed you're feeling a little smaller than normal. The More I humiliate you, the smaller you're gonna get! I think we need to try something more dramatic to cure you. I've decided to turn you into the bug that I see, haha." As Ari continues to degrade Silas, in POV he shrinks smaller and smaller, and the Giant's voice sounds more and more echoey. 


The little guy is now at Ari's mercy. Ari picks him up. "This is going to be day one of your training", the hot psychologist grins. "We're going to start easy. We're gonna start small." And then abruptly, the evil jock tosses Silas into his massive mouth, quickly shutting his juicy lips around him. "We gotta get you acclimated to my body", Ari says noncha"antly, his huge pink tongue drowning the helpless patient. "The best place to start is the mouth." Even the tinie's little legs can be seen poking out of the Giant's cavern. "MMM You like that? You like being on my Giant Tongue?" Ari rolls the loser around. "This is an old technique I learned- to pacify unruly clients. Pin them under my tongue." He opens wide to show off the massive pink blanket. "Be careful not to get swallowed", chuckles Ari. 


The Giant continues to toy with him, as the loser is played with on the tongue. "Like a big cave inside haha, and you can't find the exit." Lot's of closeups of Ari's mouth, tongue, teeth and throat. "Tiny little Silas- lost inside my mouth." The jock even ponders whether to swallow him yet. "Still haven't made my decision. You're just like a little crumb that I ate." He also talks about how Silas would fall down his throat, and take a journey into his belly. Ari then unbuttons his dress shirt, revealing his hairy belly. "I can feel you going all the way down my throat. Into my stomach. Such a good little meal. " He even shows off his adam's apple. 


BONUS CLIP: Ari answers questions about what he likes about swallowing tiny people, and if Silas was shrunken for real- what he would do to him.


Ari Swallows Tiny Patient

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