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Ari Shrinks Ex on Valentine's Day

Ari is the cruel, exboyfriend that visits his past love with a box of chocolates. Thinking they're making up, the loser soon discovers the candies are in fact a shrinking potion and he finds himself 1/2 an inch tall, at the mercy of a Giant with size 13s ready to torture him. Ari chuckles as he first just compares his exboyfriend's new size to his massive gym shoes, even going as far as dropping him inside. He then takes them off and makes the little smell and lick all the sweat and grime off his worn socks. He gets on the floor and puts the little inside the sock, and slowly taunts him, allowing for some very humiliating verbal domination. Then he takes the socks off, and the little is forced under the giant soles, as they stomp, crush and smother his pathetic body. All the while Ari just laughs and laughs, even breaking his little car he got him as a Valentine's Day gift. Too bad the holiday turns out to be a nightmare for the little speck. A LOT of verbal Domination and a LOT of feet.


21 minutes

Ari Shrinks Ex on Valentine's Day

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