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Ari: Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!

15 minutes


THEMES: Unaware, Shrinking, Verbal, Vore, Sound Effects, POV


Ari plays an aggravated business man, who gets a knock on his door from his annoying neighbor who has shrunk his son accidentally with his shrink ray, and now can't seem to find him. "I don't know dude, I stepped on some bugs earlier in my house- so I can see if I can find him." Once the annoying neighbor leaves, Ari casually looks through his cabinets and fridge but can't find the tiny. Instead, he gets hungry for some cereal. 


As Ari places the milk on the table, the tiny son is revealed to be sitting on top of it. But he falls in, to Ari's unaware knowledge. Ari begins to eat the cereal with the poor son trapped in the bowl. "I don't know where this stupid dude is. Guess I'm gonna have to keep looking", the jock says between bites. "I can't have an infestation of bugs in my apartment." He clicks his spoon HARD between bites, and in slow-motion you can see the cereal and milk twirling around. But no son. "I'm such a Giant compared to him haha. He better hope he doesn't get swallowed."


As Ari keeps eating, the tiny is suddenly visible- but not to the Giant. "I'll just have to keep my eyes open for him", he says crudely. Then he picks up the huge spoon, and the tiny son now is helplessly trapped on it. He opens his mouth wide, and in slow motion, puts the whole spoon into his cavernous maw. He then opens his mouth wide, the son on his massive tongue. He chews the cereal and tiny up before swallowing him, unaware again of what has happened. "I don't know what that was- I'm feeling a little bit different. Must have been something I ate."


NOTE: The scene interplays normal speeds with slow-motion effects, to enhance to experience. 


NOTE: The opening scene is filmed with a "heat wave" setting for the lighting, to add for a dreamy effect. The rest of the clip is filmed in normal HD color. 

Ari: Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!

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