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Ari Foot Tortures Tiny CoWorker

CUSTOM VIDEO! In this very hot fantasy, Ari shrinks a pathetic coworker that was obsessed with worshipping his feet after work. For months they hung out at nightclubs dancing the night away and then going back to Ari's place for foot domination sessions. 6 months later, the cocky jock gets a call from the loser begging to see him again. Chuckling, Ari agrees- but when he hangs up the phone he pulls out a magic ring. "He has no idea what's in store for him haha". When the coworker arrives, he attempts to grab Ari's feet for a foot session. "Not so fast haha! Just take this ring off my toe." Reluctantly, the coworker agrees, takes the ring and leaves for home. The ring ends up shrinking the guy to only 1/2 an inch tall. Ari comes to his place the next day and discovers his clothes on the floor, and the runt as well. Wearing sweaty sandals, the Giant demands the little lick and smell his huge toes and feet. He even places him in his sandal for even more humiliation. After encouraging the little guy, he picks him up with the ring and quickly swallows him down. NOT to be missed by any Ari fan!


13 minutes

Ari Foot Tortures Tiny CoWorker

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